The war in Ukraine

The Situation in Ukraine

There is still no end in sight to the war in Ukraine. On the contrary, the conflict has intensified and the stakes are higher than ever for the world to be embroiled in a nuclear conflict.

The war has displaced millions of civilians and those that have remained in their homes are without access to the most basic essentials such as water, food and health care.

The 7 million internally displaced Ukrainians are increasingly vulnerable as the war stretches into the winter. Many homes are without electricity or water or have been completely damaged by war. Ukrainians living under the occupied authorities face unimaginable daily brutalities.

Since August, the Ukrainian army has continued to book military success and liberate Ukrainian towns and cities. It’s becoming increasingly clear that Ukraine can and will prevail.

However, to do so, the country depends on sustained support from the rest of the world. Support to equip the military, but also support to take care of affected citizens, veterans and refugees.

The Ukrainian military fired on the Russian occupiers trying to enter the village.
The Ukrainian military fired on the Russian occupiers trying to enter the village.

May 12.

By Lynsey Addario

The War’s Global Impact

The war in Ukraine isn’t an isolated crisis. Many of the world’s most vulnerable countries are facing worsened hunger due to the blockades of Ukrainian grain exports. It’s estimated that in East Africa alone, 3 million people could lose their lives to mass starvation.

The United Nations states the war in Ukraine has led to a cost-of-living crisis.

Approximately 1.6 billion people are exposed to at least one dimension of the crisis.

Moreover, the war has an outsized impact on the global supply chain, impeding the flow of goods, fueling dramatic cost increases and product shortages, and creating catastrophic food shortages worldwide.

No one has the luxury of ignoring the situation.

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